“Nahanay ka samay.” That is how this title is pronounced, which is Hindi for “Bath Time.” The photo reference was taken by a friend of mine, Ember, who visited Chennai, India, and snapped this beautiful picture of a common woman bathing her child. I asked if I could paint it, and she gladly accepted. (Thank Read more ..

In 2016, I put the paints and brushes away, not knowing when I would be able to bring them out again. My third baby needed me constantly, and there was no block of time available for me to paint. Such is the sacrifice many mothers make – we often have to set aside our dreams Read more ..

This painting is a very tender piece for me, and essential in my art series, and I would like to tell you why. I grew up in a divorced family, where arguments and disagreements of my parents shook my house when I was little. I deeply craved peace and stability wherever I could find it Read more ..

Many people love red barns. It is a classic symbol of Americana. But why are barns always painted red? the 1700’s farmers painted barns not for the beauty, but for necessity. The first barn-red color was created using Skimmed milk, linseed oil, lime, and red iron oxide. In the wintertime, the red color would absorb Read more ..

After two months of looking and dreaming and painting and hoping, my sixth painting is finally finished! I was so pleased and bubbling with pride, that I didn’t even TELL anybody, I just ran and put it up at my church for the whole entire Sabbath day! This painting marks the halfway point of this Read more ..

Looks like I made the local newspaper, the New Canaan Advertiser!! WOW!! Here is a link to the website: http://www.ncadvertiser.com/35467/local-artists-sacred-series-came-straight-from-the-heart/

On Thursday the Connecticut Watercolor Society called me and asked if I would be attending the reception. I asked if my painting was alright, ans he said that it was safe and sound. He informed me that I won an award for :”The Most Precious.” I shouted with joy over the phone and said to Read more ..

I’ve got some big big news to share! After spending a small fortune buying legit gallery frames (Thank you Miles and Ross at Rockwell Art and Framing!), the paintings “Familiar Grace” (left) and “The Most Precious” (right) were ready for the Connecticut Watercolor Society 2014 Summer Exhibition. I left for Hartford with high hopes for Read more ..

I looked around for a long time for this particular boy. I would look at all the boys in our church and around town, and all would be so adorable in their own special way, but I needed to find somebody that had a classic look. Short buzz-cut hair that many boys had didn’t really Read more ..

Last week I was commissioned to paint a girls hostel for a non profit organization called Rising Star Outreach located near Chennai, India. It’s a school for the children whose families come from leprosy colonies, and gives them the gift of good health, clean food and water, and an opportunity to dream and learn for Read more ..