In figuring out what particular kind of person to start off with in this sacred series, I thought it best to begin with the very smallest of them all: the most precious of all His children. What better time to focus on the littlest ones, when I myself am expecting my own little one any Read more ..

My Dear Friends and Family, This is probably one of the most important letters I will write to you. I wish to invite you to join me on a new journey that I will be taking with my art career. This new direction has taken me many months of contemplation, planning and preparation, but I Read more ..

Hi Folks! Someone asked if I could paint for them our church – the New Canaan, Connecticut LDS Chapel, so they could give the painting as a gift to a former bishop who served at the church. This is special to me because he used to be my bishop too when I was in High Read more ..

Happy birthday to my beautiful Megan Greenleaf, who just turned 3! This is my first mural, and it was SO HARD to do! With my pregnant belly, standing on a stool all day, annoying acrylic drying too fast, blood draining from my arms, it was a time of reflecting how much more I really enjoy Read more ..

My friends Lillian and Jamie both are the photographers of a company called “The portrait parties,” in which they plan party dates to snap pictures of families and children. There was a photograph of Lillian’s children that Jamie had taken during one of the parties, and when they showed it to me I begged them Read more ..

Samuel turned 1 year old, and his mama wanted to remember those chubby cute moments of her little boy. Portraits are down right hard, and this one seemed to be one of the harder ones I painted. Three reasons: 1- Sweaters are hard to paint! Nobody choose the photo with the sweater for photo reference! Read more ..

Hello Friends and Family, Normally I don’t send emails so close together, but this is information is a landmark in my career, and I wish to share it with all of you. For the first time ever I am creating prints of my art. I brought two paintings to the printers on Friday: my “Mailboxes” Read more ..

Just when you think you’ve mastered a skill, you get presented with new challenges. When presented with the photograph I was going to paint, I knew it was going to be a tough one because there were two firsts for me: I’ve never painted a dog, and I’ve never painted a sweater. Both needed to Read more ..

My good friend, Annie, loves to raise chickens as pets. She can feed them by hand and take their eggs while they are roaming around her yard. Their names are always interesting: Geegeet, Peaches, Henny Penny, Bonnie…I also had a great opportunity to take care of the chickens and their hen house for a week Read more ..

What I’ve been up to lately has been quite a lot of things, but in the art department, I’ve been teaching my very first watercolor class! We have been learning the rules of watercolor, and experimenting with different ideas, such as textures in a painting, silhouettes, and creating a painting using only two colors. I Read more ..