I now have a new site on cafepress.com, where you can buy my art as a print. You can have a car on T-shirts, mugs, baby clothes, etc. it’s also a heck of a lot cheaper then buying the original painting. Check it out: http://www.cafepress.com/dadsoldvehicle The art and music festival in September went alright. Unfortunately Read more ..

Hi Guys! A new painting is finally completed and framed, and you are the first to see. I’ve been preparing for an art and music festival that will be held this Saturday in Rexburg at the fairgrounds. It starts at 11:30am if anyone around here would like to say hello. I’m teaming up with a Read more ..

Hi Everyone, I’ve got some good news, Watercolor has come back into my life! I’m taking Watercolor 2 this semester, which some of you know I haven’t seriously picked up for almost a year! It’s been taking me a little bit to get into it again, as it’s extremely different from Oils, but I think Read more ..

Hi Everyone! For a lot of you this is your first art email! But this has actually been going on for almost a year now, and hopefully I’ve improved a little bit in a year for you…enjoy!! SO, our assignment in Oil Painting II was to paint an impressionistic picture…I don’t think I did very Read more ..

Hi Everyone, I know it’s been a while, but I just wanted to tell you all that I’ve been working on! Recently I have been feeling a little bit more confident with oil paints, so now I can show you my most recent work. I am currently in an Oil Painting 2 class, and the Read more ..

Good news, Everybody! Some of you might remember my beloved 1946 Chevrolet picture! I had entered it into the Eagle Rock Art Museum in Idaho Falls about a month and a half prior. The exhibit is called “Idaho Paints Idaho,” and this Chevy is located at Rex’s Auto Body in Rexburg, Idaho. The judges pick Read more ..

Hi everyone it’s me again, So this past week we were given an assignment to paint a building of some sort to a blank background. In watercolor that’s taboo, but we tend to like to break the rules a little. Hehehe. Well anyway, this gave me the motive to go and call the realtor about Read more ..

I had an assignment to paint a photograph of a person, and I had the option of doing four little paintings or one large one. I decided to do one big photo for my class, and I chose my niece, Stephanie, and not as cute brother-in-law, John, as my subject! (hurray!!!) As an artist I Read more ..

OK EVERYBODY!!!! This is my baby, my triumph of all triumphs (so far anyway). I spent HOURS on this one, changing minute little things that probably meant nothing, but lo, this picture arose! We spent time in an antique junkyard, and I took lots of pictures. This one was the most unique out of all Read more ..

Hi everybody! just wanted to show you my latest work! I was assigned to paint cottonwood branches because it has texture. Mine was the most colorful! haha. The other picture was from an internet website, I just decided to paint a horse. Hope you like them! Love you all! Laura Cottonwood painting: Horse painting: