Hi everybody, No, I’m not expecting, that’s the title of this picture (sorry!!!). This past week’s assignment was 1/2 sheet of whatever we wanted, so I thought it might be a good idea to take another stab at painting people again…and again I feel the final result didn’t turn out as good as I had Read more ..

Hi everybody, This week’s assignment was sort of an uninteresting one, but it had an important purpose. We went outside to examine the cabbages on campus, but the assignment wasn’t really cabbage, it could be anything we saw really, just as long as the focal point was in the upper right hand corner (and for Read more ..

Hi everyone it’s me again, So this past week we were given an assignment to paint a building of some sort to a blank background. In watercolor that’s taboo, but we tend to like to break the rules a little. Hehehe. Well anyway, this gave me the motive to go and call the realtor about Read more ..

I had an assignment to paint a photograph of a person, and I had the option of doing four little paintings or one large one. I decided to do one big photo for my class, and I chose my niece, Stephanie, and not as cute brother-in-law, John, as my subject! (hurray!!!) As an artist I Read more ..

OK EVERYBODY!!!! This is my baby, my triumph of all triumphs (so far anyway). I spent HOURS on this one, changing minute little things that probably meant nothing, but lo, this picture arose! We spent time in an antique junkyard, and I took lots of pictures. This one was the most unique out of all Read more ..

Hi everybody! just wanted to show you my latest work! I was assigned to paint cottonwood branches because it has texture. Mine was the most colorful! haha. The other picture was from an internet website, I just decided to paint a horse. Hope you like them! Love you all! Laura Cottonwood painting: Horse painting:

K guys, you thought that the little bird drinking some water was cool. that was just two colors. My next project was a silhouette, and I didn’t want to paint a picture of someone else’s photograph this time. So I doodled on my watercolor paper, and made this. I painted it in, the stars I Read more ..

k guys, I know you think watercolor is really hard to do, but I finally completed my very first painting and I wanted to share it with you!! This is just to show you that watercolor is indeed possible, and I think I can get good at it if I put forth the effort. I Read more ..

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