Hi everybody,
This week’s assignment was sort of an uninteresting one, but it had an important purpose. We went outside to examine the cabbages on campus, but the assignment wasn’t really cabbage, it could be anything we saw really, just as long as the focal point was in the upper right hand corner (and for left handed people the upper left), and we use hot press paper. I did the upper left, and made some lovely cabbage. You might see some zebras in there too with how I made it. But can you see the focal point? The focal point is basically the spot on the paper that catches your eye…and painters sometimes do it on purpose like with a hard line or the most clearly viewed object. It really is important because when you make a picture you definitely don’t want your focal point to be somewhere you weren’t intentionally making it to be. Hot press paper is a totally different kind of paper, as I found out! Normally I used cold press, which has a rough feel and when you put water on it the water soaks into the paper. Cold press was really strange because the water wouldn’t go very far into the paper, so the water would evaporate a whole lot quicker, so I had to do the background colors all fast. Oh, and speaking of colors, I didn’t want to use just one purple or one green like on my palette. Before I started painting, I took all my yellows and all my blues and made different color greens, and took all my reds and all my blues and made different color purples. I had a total of 8 purples and 12 greens in this painting, to make it a joyful experience when looking at it up close in real life. I know the picture isn’t as good as in real life, but oh well. Enjoy my cabbage!