Good news, Everybody!
Some of you might remember my beloved 1946 Chevrolet picture! I had entered it into the Eagle Rock Art Museum in Idaho Falls about a month and a half prior. The exhibit is called “Idaho Paints Idaho,” and this Chevy is located at Rex’s Auto Body in Rexburg, Idaho. The judges pick 50 pieces to put up in the museum, and then later on will judge out of the 50 the best of show, and the ones that will be going to the “traveling art show”. Well dag nabit!!!!!!My piece was picked as one of the fifty pieces to be put in the museum!!!!!!! I have to frame it, set a price, and if someone likes it they can buy it anytime in the art show!! I’ll let you know if this baby is going to be traveling or not, or if it’s won any awards. I don’t know though, I haven’t seen the other artwork yet, but I bet a lot of it is far better than my beat up vehicle. Well I just wanted to tell everyone I GOT IN!!!! YAY!!! My work will be in a museum! This is really exciting! Anyway, just wanted to share the wonderful news!!