Been dabbling a little bit with my paints as I’m gearing up for the next painting in my art series. Here is my daughter, Megan, saying a prayer. This picture is going to go into a book about baptism for age 7 years and up to read. I also just wanted to prove to myself that I do in fact know how to paint portraits in color. :)

I tried my hand at the scanner (though the professionals at Still River
Editions do a much better job than me!). The change in color around Megan
is because the watercolor paper bends when it gets wet (which it always
does when you use watercolors…because watercolor requires
water…anyway..). The heavier weight paper the less bending there is.
This is a lightweight paper, so there will be some rolling hills.
However, I think you can see the colors a little bit clearer than my winkie-dink camera.
Til next time!