Hi Everyone!

Well, painting has been kind of slow recently. I have been feeling as though I’m losing my touch with watercolor. It’s been so difficult to get back into the groove of it all ever since I left oil painting. I guess you could say once I was granted more freedom to correct mistakes from oils, it’s hard to go back to watercolor where it’s all much less forgiving. I do have a few things to tell you though. Concerning my mailbox oil painting from last semester – James and I went searching the framing places around here, and found this awesome old frame made out of barn wood that went perfect with the picture. James took the liberty of hanging the 20×24 picture above his desk in his office. He also stole my small study of the England thatched roof and put that in his office too! The thief! (haha).
Well anyway, now his accounting job, ProAlarm, has free fine art hanging everywhere! Well, at least it kind of gets my name out. A lot of people have shared complements. But the thing I wanted to tell you was his boss, Valerie, seemed to take a bit of a liking to my mailbox painting, and when I came in to visit James she asked me to make an offer. I thought about it for a day or two, and I have a big attachment to those mailboxes. It was the painting that I enjoyed every minute painting, where it was all one big adventure to make. I couldn’t let my baby go for a cheap price. So James told Valerie my price offer and she said that it’s worth every penny. She also said she will get back to me on the company paying for it in July. So THIS IS IT! My first painting is being sold!!! I’ll be able to pay for my fall tuition! JOY! This is a milestone! I’m now going to be a REAL artist, who sold a painting! YAY! My dreams are unfolding! 🙂
Also, the tiny 8×10 painting of “grandpa and me” has been framed and shipped to my dad. He had requested it a long time ago, and even though I didn’t get paid for the painting, our deal is that when he has his own desk at work, to put it somewhere by his desk and tell his friends about me, that I can do families, children, anything, so I can get more business.
I’ve also said my goodbyes to one of my old watercolors I had made over a year ago. It was the picture of a very pregnant girl at the time in my class named Heidi. I wanted to create a painting of her because she was almost due, and was simply glowing. It has her and her husband, and I never got around to giving it to her until now. Her little girl who is now a year old is just beautiful, and I felt it was the best thing to do since her and her husband Tony sat so long for me while I took photo references. I didn’t mind parting with the painting because I feel I’ve come a long way since then, and they would enjoy it far better than I would have behind my couch!
Gosh, I’ve been handing out a lot of free paintings lately, but hopefully word will get out, and business will pick up.
Ok, now we’re going to get to the brand new stuff. The new art pieces! First, I snapped a photo of a group of elderly women reading together, and I slapped together a little watercolor. I call it “the old wives club.” It’s a little looser than what I normally do, but hey! i’m experimenting!
This next one is of a water spout. It’s next to a forgotten home that is waisting away. My class and I went to this place where there was an old barn, and I took lots of pictures, but for some reason this one particular picture was what interested me more than the barn. I don’t think i’m really the generic barn with mountains in background painter. I guess I like painting subjects that have potential to be something great, not something where you can take a photo and it already has it’s magesty. Anyway, here it is, the rusty water spout:

Lastly, I’m in a figure drawing class at the moment, and our assignment was to draw the light on the person. If any of you are getting nervous on seeing a nude, no worries. I happen to go to a very conservative school where the models wear bathing suits. Although I oppose clothed models for the sake of studying the human figure in art, I suppose it is a benefit to the viewers The medium is white charcoal, and it’s on canson paper: oh, and I laugh at this one, because I swear it looks jsut like paris hilton (although that wasn’t my intention):

Well that’s all there is for this email. I apologize to those who have already seen some of these paintings – it gets boring when stuff is repeated. On to new adventures, new paintings, and new enjoyments. Remember to always do what you love, and the money will follow……….hopefully……..well let’s be optimistic and say that it does! (haha).
Laura D’Onofrio