Portrait or Non Portrait Painting Commissions

For Color or Black and White


How It Works…

Step One:

Decide on a size, number of people, background, etc.

Step Two:

Schedule a photo shoot, or provide photo to work from.

Step Three:

Finalize composition and submit 50% deposit.

Step Four:

Approve final painting sent via jpeg image, and submit remaining 50%.

Max People in Painting Picture Size Painting Price
1 8×10 $400
1 10×13 $650
1 11×14 $770
1 11×15 $825
2 14×18 $1260
2 16×20 $1600
3 15×22 $1650
4 18×24 $2160
5 22×28 $3080
5 22×30 $3300
5+ +22×30 Ask

*For additional people in addition to the maximum allowed, add 20% of the base price per person.

**To find out the price for a particular size, plug into your calculator Length x Width, that will be the number in square inches. Then divide that number by .2 . The answer will be your price.

Example: 8×10= 80   80/.2= 400.

So, an 8”x10” is $400

There is a non-refundable deposit of half the purchase price of the commission, with the remainder to be paid upon the confirmation that the painting is completed, via jpeg photograph.

Commission prices are subject to change based upon complexity. All postage and insurance, if necessary, is to be paid by the Patron.

I am open to any commission request and happy to discuss it with you. Please send an email to