Hi Everyone,
I’ve been feeling a little down lately – I have lost my I-pod. It was a little shuffle one, but still as you probably know, they are expensive. It’s been really hard on me, I’ve retraced my steps and checked the lost and found, still nothing. It may not be such a big deal, but I guess it is to me because music is what helps inspire me to paint what I do. Without music, things just look and feel so bland. Nevertheless, I wanted to write this email to you because I think it will help me feel a little better. My class went out to Rex’s Autobody, the same place where I painted my 1946 Chevy and got it into that museum. I was really excited, because for some odd reason, old and rusty cars is what I paint best. They are fun to create, and fun to look at. I took a picture, created an outline, and painted another gorgeous car from olden times, showing it’s beautiful age. These cars are like the elderly – they have their own kind of beautiful, and it cannot be displayed until after 60. I painted an old Plymouth, and he is a very handsome chap. He also wants me to tell you that he’s very happy to meet you. Here he is:


just look at that grin! It makes me want to just do a little dance so he can keep on grinning. Just looking at him makes me feel just a bit better. But yeah, like I said, for some strange reason, old and rusty cars are what I can paint best in watercolor. The texture is always fun to do – add a little rust here and there, throw some salt in, create some water blossoms, make the rusty dripping lines, and there you go! These cars are so fun to do. I’m thinking about making like…a car series. You know, a bunch of paintings of different kinds of cars, enough for an exhibit. Then maybe one day a gallery might actually make it an exhibit. That would be cool. I feel better already. Thanks for lifting my spirits, guys. But most of all, thanks for always believing in me.
Laura D’Onofrio