Hi Guys!
A new painting is finally completed and framed, and you are the first to see. I’ve been preparing for an art and music festival that will be held this Saturday in Rexburg at the fairgrounds. It starts at 11:30am if anyone around here would like to say hello. I’m teaming up with a great printmaker and friend of mine, Miranda pabst. She’ll be sharing a tent with me. Hopefully someone will buy our work so we can pay for college.
So this new painting, I’ve been trying to make more cars recently to kind of put together a car series to show galleries in the future….or maybe I’ll just sell them at the festival. But what’s interesting about this vehicle is I have no idea what year or make this chevrolet bus is. It looks a lot like a volkswagon bus, only it has a cool grill on it and the emblem of the chevrolet is dated before the bus came out! It’s very confusing, so I have no choice but to call it the “old chevy bus,” for lack of a better name. Here’s the picture of the original vehicle:
and here is the picture of my painting that came from it:
It’s a small 8.5×11 painting, nothing big because right now I’m trying to finish up school (which will be in december! yay!). But once I’m done with school I really do hope to dive into my art full throttle. I love painting old rusty cars, they have such character!
My old plymouth painting is getting custom framed for the show, and some of my paintings that I’m not able to afford to frame I’ll probably be getting them shrink wrapped. I’ll take some pictures for you of that really fun day. Wish me luck in selling my work!Sincerely,

Laura D’Onofrio