How bout it? My first real commission! My friend Suzanne asked me to do some sketches for her interview with a fashion company named Lilly Pulitzer. I was asked to sketch a car and its interior, and some rings, all having a Lilly Pulitzer design and/or logo on it, or in the words of Suzanne “to make it look Lillified.” You can check out the posh fashion at: I never considered my rendering skills would actually be put to use (I’m a painter not a sketcher), but nevertheless I did take drawing classes, didn’t I? I knew how to make sketches, no problem. The trickiest part was I basically had to create them all in one day. 12.5 hours later, I was able to complete my assignment. I wish I had more time to make the lines darker, but for a 24 hour day it wasn’t possible. Thankfully what I had done happened to be just perfect for Suzanne. I feel my work is truly satisfying when the consumer loves the completed product. Seeing her happy made all my efforts worth every minute. I realize my photographs of the sketches aren’t very clear because they were sketches and I didn’t use great lighting, but hopefully you’ll be able to see them. I tried brightening the image on the computer so you can see it better….but as some of you know, the computer is definitely not a strength of mine. I’m a fine artist, not a graphic designer! haha!

At the moment I’m working on a piece that involves my niece, Grace, who is 6. I’ve always wanted to paint portraits of little kids, so this is a chance to test my skills I had received from college. Besides, both Grace and I are pretty excited about her being my muse. ^_^. Stay tuned for that painting, I’m hoping it will turn out as beautiful as I envision it! Hope you are doing well!
Laura D’Onofrio