I was looking through some old paintings and discovered a piece that was unfinished. It was a few years ago when my mom was on the phone with me and said “Nobody is going to buy these cars, Laura. Paint something else!” So I did go on to other things, but this car was put away, incomplete. Another reason why I did not finish him was because all of my other car paintings, I discovered, were facing to the left! For some reason I guess I favored left facing cars, and it wasn’t until I was halfway done with this fourth piece that I realized the sad error. Well I took one look at him a few days ago and saw he still had some potential in him. I’ve decided to accept my car-to-the-left error, and maybe hope that whoever buys my car series will appreciate it, as if they were all lined up in a car show. This will be my fourth and last car in the series that I will paint at my own free will, unless someone wants to commission me to paint more.

Lastly, because my cars have not sold at the galleries despite their clever personalities, in completing this painting it came to my attention that I never actually named them! Sure, I always say they are like old men that tell a story of their lives, but they are nameless!! Only “1946 Chevrolet,” and “Old Chevy Bus” and “Old Plymouth.” How horrible! I hadn’t known! These were all the things this last car spoke to me when I was painting him: “We have no names, We’re all left facing, and yes I too have value!” How insensitive I am. So from this moment on, I am officially changing the names of my car paintings. The smaller paintings are the previous cars I had created in the past, and I would like to introduce to you my new main man, Darold, who hold center stage at the bottom.



“Eloquent Eugene” – He has a way with words, come close and he’ll tell you all about it.


“Mild Melvin” –  A little timid, yet very sweet with the ladies.


“Bucket Bob” – He kicked the bucket too soon.
And introducing “Darold Dreamboat.” Isn’t he a beauty? Competed against a Ford in his prime.
in case you all didn’t know…
Young is out.
Experienced, mature and old are IN!