Who needs oil painting portraits when watercolors are SO much cooler? I’ve taken on the challenge of portraiture, and like I’ve always said, the more paintings I create the better they get.  This is the first in a series of three examples – a black and white portrait, a color portrait and a full family portrait. I am using my own family as an example, with the photograph reference and permission given by my good friend and amazing photographer – Christine Simmons (www.christinesimmons.com). I’m so grateful for her generosity and her helping me to expand my art creativity.
This portrait is an example of a black and white watercolor painting option. Black and White gives a feel of a raw beauty that color cannot fully portray. The very first black and white I had done was of the engaged couple in the snow, using only Paynes Grey. I realized that this was limiting, and I needed to have more of a variety in my color options. This painting was done using the colors Paynes Grey and Burnt Sienna. As I start to feel more comfortable painting black and whites, I’m sure I’ll be expanding out to other colors.
Displayed is my daughter, Megan, at one year old. Holding her hands is my husband, James. The photo reference was taken on a snowy day at Waveny Park in New Canaan, CT. I had asked Christine for a photo shoot in snow because I always found snow to be so beautiful. This painting is the most real I’ve ever made, and anyone who looks at it has commented that they thought it was a photograph.
I am so excited with the paintings to come, and I give thanks to God for giving me this talent.
Laura D’Onofrio