Hello Friends and Family,

Normally I don’t send emails so close together, but this is information is a landmark in my career, and I wish to share it with all of you.

For the first time ever I am creating prints of my art. I brought two paintings to the printers on Friday: my “Mailboxes” and “Chickens” paintings. I want to keep both of these prints as original looking as possible. The “Mailboxes” will be printed on canvas, with a small white edging, and it will not need to be stretched. It can be framed, as is, in a standard 20×24 frame, which is really great. The “Chickens” painting will be printed on watercolor paper, which has a slight tooth to it.

With every print, I will hand sign it (you can even tell me what you’d like to have written if you want), they will be numbered, and it will also come with a certificate of authenticity. There will only be twenty first editions of each painting.

If you are interested in buying one of these prints, you would be a really lucky person, because these are the very first prints I’ve ever done, and they are first editions! If by some crazy chance I get famous, or when I eventually die, these original prints will be a lot more valuable than what you originally paid for. So in 20 years from now when everyone knows my name (haha), you will hold your bubbly while your guests ask “Isn’t that one of the D’Onofrio’s?” and you will respond “Why yes, yes it is,” and take a triumphant sip.

I talked a lot with the printers- “Still River Editions” in Danbury. They are fabulous and professional artists, taking great detail in their work. The best part in this is not only do they print, but they can professionally package and ship the prints to you. That saves a HUGE load of worry for me! I finally found out shipping costs, which is a flat rate (for those who are not located in the Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts area, or that I cannot hand to personally). The cost is $30 for packaging, shipping, tracking and insurance on the print in case of damage. The printers can also email you a confirmation code so you can track your package.

Here are the final prices after speaking with the printers, and add $30 shipping if I need to ship it out to you:

“Chickens”- size 18×24, $102
“Mailboxes” size 20×24, $115

If you would like a print, simply email me and I’ll tell you the information I need to have a print sent to you.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork. I sincerely appreciate you, and I’m so excited to be able to take this next big step by making prints for you.

Much Love,
Laura D’Onofrio