Dear Friends,I decided to bite the bullet and walk around
New Canaan where I live,…in the cold, yes,…to see if I could spy a
gallery that my original art might fit comfortably inside. It was time
to take these young babes out of my house and into a bright new world of
art consumer adoptions!

Amazingly enough, Butler Fine Art felt I was quite talented,
especially in portraiture. Though they sell works of deceased artists,
they took a brave first step and collected two originals from a living
artist (me): “Chickens” and “Brotherly Love” to potentially sell in
their shop! If you haven’t properly introduced yourself to these
originals, you may want to stop inside and take a nice long look. I
promise you’ll enjoy gazing at my originals as opposed to the scanned
images you’ve been looking at on your ipads and androids. Jane and Jenny
Butler (the shop owners) are also hoping to let others who are
interested in my work know about my commission services for portraits
and the like.

For my Connecticut friends, Butler Fine Art is located on
Elm Street, the one-way road that holds the heart of New Canaan’s shops.
It’s about 3 shops down from Starbucks. 

This is BIG NEWS!! Thank you friends for letting me share my tiny triumph with you!With Love,
Laura D’Onofrio