This is pretty exciting news, my painting “The Most Precious” is hung up in the Wilton, Connecticut Public Library for the 2013 Summer Art Show! It will be displayed until August 31st of this year. The original is not for sale, but people have the option of purchasing prints either framed or unframed. 20% of the total price will go back towards funding my childhood library. I feel honored to be with many wonderful artists, and to display my work for the public to see. This marks a milestone for me, as this is the first time a painting in my Sacred Art series has been displayed to the general public. I hope people will be able to stop and take a good look at it, and feel what it might mean to them.

It is interesting to listen to how others receive to these works. One woman told me that they felt it was extraordinary to have an artist even go in a direction of exploring after death. It’s something we don’t normally think about, and is interesting to see the idea painted. Another person wondered if it was a priest who was holding the baby, but I told her it was Christ. The nail prints are subtle, and I think can be easily overlooked because the focal point is the child, and especially the child’s eyes. I sincerely hope the reception is well with the viewers, and that this might be a positive outlook, for me as an artist especially: to take a confident step forward and make myself known to the public as an established CWS watercolor artist of portraiture.