Hi Everyone! Well, painting has been kind of slow recently. I have been feeling as though I’m losing my touch with watercolor. It’s been so difficult to get back into the groove of it all ever since I left oil painting. I guess you could say once I was granted more freedom to correct mistakes Read more ..

Hi Everyone, I’ve got some good news, Watercolor has come back into my life! I’m taking Watercolor 2 this semester, which some of you know I haven’t seriously picked up for almost a year! It’s been taking me a little bit to get into it again, as it’s extremely different from Oils, but I think Read more ..

Hi Everybody, My aunt recently asked me if any of my paintings are for sale…the answer is YES, they are! Please buy them off my hands so I can be able to pay for my schooling! I know that the best way a business can be successful is through word of mouth, so please spread Read more ..

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy as a bee! I wanted to tell you all about what I’ve recently been doing. I’m now in an oil painting1 class, and it’s a bit different than the watercolor I was used to. Here if I make a mistake, I can just wipe it off or Read more ..

Hi everybody, No, I’m not expecting, that’s the title of this picture (sorry!!!). This past week’s assignment was 1/2 sheet of whatever we wanted, so I thought it might be a good idea to take another stab at painting people again…and again I feel the final result didn’t turn out as good as I had Read more ..

Hi everybody, This week’s assignment was sort of an uninteresting one, but it had an important purpose. We went outside to examine the cabbages on campus, but the assignment wasn’t really cabbage, it could be anything we saw really, just as long as the focal point was in the upper right hand corner (and for Read more ..

K guys, you thought that the little bird drinking some water was cool. that was just two colors. My next project was a silhouette, and I didn’t want to paint a picture of someone else’s photograph this time. So I doodled on my watercolor paper, and made this. I painted it in, the stars I Read more ..

k guys, I know you think watercolor is really hard to do, but I finally completed my very first painting and I wanted to share it with you!! This is just to show you that watercolor is indeed possible, and I think I can get good at it if I put forth the effort. I Read more ..

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